Biosystems America

The right choice

Our professional staff has obtained some of the highest levels of education available. We are an experienced team and are appropriately registered and accredited.


Biosystems is accredited/registered as an

Independent laboratory with American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL)

Licensed as a clinical laboratory with Georgia Department of Human Resources (License 044-026)

Registered with US Department of Health (License 11-8059)

And registered as an R&D and commercial laboratory with Gwinnett County, Georgia Environmental Protection Division, US Environmental Protection Agency and US Food and Drug Administration for providing technical support services in the manufacture of drugs and medical devices (License 1037946).

Personnel Qualifications

  • EducationEach laboratory or project is managed by an individual with the highest of education (e.g., PhD/MD), training (usually post-doctoral) and certificate/license as a laboratory director, board diplomat, or professional engineer (PE) as well as several years of experience in managing such laboratories or projects. Senior Scientists have the highest of education, training and experience while Scientists must have at least a BS degree from an accredited academic institution often with additional graduate school education and several years of training and experience. Laboratory technicians usually have a BS degree and Laboratory Assistants must have at least a HS diploma or GED.
  • Individual AccreditationsScientists and technicians often are certified,licensed, and accredited by professional societies at national/international level and are encouraged to obtain continuing education, training, certification and accreditation in their elected professions.